Friday, July 13, 2012

d3.js Chart of Axys Performance

Please see Axys to d3.js Error Catching and Formatting for a much better version.

Way back in January I made some amazing (is it sad that I consider this amazing?) discoveries as I tried to push the limits with Advent Axys reporting and even integrated R with Axys in R in Axys (Impossible Dream).  Now I have accomplished what I believe to be even more exciting and potentially useful by  combining the nice Excel and d3.js work done at with 20 year old Axys technology (nicely improved by  For those of you who know reporting in Axys, I’m sure you share my excitement.  Please let me know your thoughts.

To prove that I’m not dreaming, here is the screencast.

To try it for yourself, please download the perhstsp.rep Axys report and a stripped down version of cDataSet.xlsm (see the full version for more .  If you would just like to see the final html output then go to

Thanks to Mike Bostock all his incredible work on everything, but especially d3.js.  Also, thanks again to Bruce for his stimulating work with Excel.

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