Friday, January 2, 2015

Will I fail?

I have committed to building an htmlwidget a week in 2015.  To isolate and separate the commitment from this blog, I set up a new site Building Widgets and Github repo.  The first post Can I Commit? provides meta introspection on commitment.

Can I commit to building an htmlwidget a week in the year 2015?


It seems we humans all struggle internally with commitment, and at the beginning of each year, we often become even more aware of this struggle in the form of New Year's Resolutions.  This site is not really a New Year's Resolution.  It is more a resolution that coincidentally falls at the beginning of the year, since htmlwidgets was released December 17.


I know through plenty of experiences with commitment failure that the pattern of commitment failure will assert itself throughout the life of this project…  Building Widgets “Can I Commit?”

I promise this will be the only crosspost.  Any future posts on this blog about htmlwidgets will only be application of the widgets, most likely for finance.