Wednesday, May 23, 2012

knitR Performance Report 3 (really with knitr) and dprint

please see knitr Performance Report–Attempt 3, knitr Performance Report-Attempt 2 and knitr Performance Report-Attempt 1

alstated’s asked a very good question in his comment on knitr Performance Report–Attempt 3, and I’m not sure I could have answered well until I endured some frustrations with Sweave.  I actually did not use knitr for that report, and I struggled with many of the issues that knitr addresses.  knitr’s power comes in its extra ability to control output with additional chunk options described in, so no more wide, textblock, etc. latex commands.

A very prominent R Finance contributor also alerted me to the dprint (be aware in pre-Alpha) package from Carl Brickner presented at userR! 2010 and also at .  To use, you will have to manually install with the command:

install.packages("dprint", repos="")

For the final pdf, use the knit2pdf command from knitr:


I was delighted with the result and probably will abandon the Sweave-direct option.  Thanks to Carl for dprint and Yihui for knitr.  If you do not see the embedded pdf below, please get directly through

R code from GIST:

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