Thursday, January 5, 2012

Axys Combo Incremental Improvement

As I experiment more with Power of Sparklines in Advent Axys, I thought my first real challenge would be to get two charts with one report.  In my mind, client reporting generally contains four major sections:

    1. Performance
    2. Activity Summary
    3. Historical Value
    4. Allocation/Current Holdings

For this incremental improvement, I will work on 2 (Activity Summary) and 3 (Historical Value).  The new Excel file can be downloaded at excelgrf_macros.xlsm and our fancy new Axys report at actimval.rep.  I accept no credit for the code in the report since most comes from the standard Axys activity.rep and mval.rep.

The steps will be very similar to those taken in Power of Sparklines in Advent Axys.

First run actimval.rep in Axys reports.

From TimelyPortfolio

Then click graph

From TimelyPortfolio

which brings up the second graph dialog box where we can input the location and name of the Excel file and our new macro.

From TimelyPortfolio

And hopefully you will get something similar to this. Not pretty but certainly a step in the right direction.

From TimelyPortfolio

Currently, most of this is more proof of concept and experimentation, but by the end of all this, I foresee some mighty clean and impressive report packages.  Please comment and contribute.  I know this is pretty domain specific, so let me know if you are out there.  As far as I know the only folks professionally pursuing Axys custom reporting besides Advent are and

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