Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pick a Color Site built in R with Shiny tags %$%

I started down the color path with yesterday’s post Palette of Colors from Image %>% ggplot2 %>% rCharts + dimple.js.  Although R has lots of tools, such as RColorBrewer and the mentioned rPlotter, javascript does too with Gregor Aisch's chroma.js and this translated-from-Perl color-scheme-js.

I figured I should explore these javscript color tools but not in the easy way.  Rather, I thought I should make it a little more challenging by forcing myself to build the site all in R using Shiny Tags based on an idea proposed by Ramnath Vaidyanathan in this rChartsDygraphs issue.  While I was at it, I thought I should keep plugging away with magrittr by playing with the new %$%.

I’m sure the result would amuse professional web developers and color pickers and probably even diehard R coders, but at least there was a result.



  1. Great app! When a user lands on a palette that they would then like to take and use somewhere, how do you envision them copying the palette? Maybe you could add a text output that provides a formatted comma separated list? Looks to me like the only way to do this now is to hover over each color and copy and paste each individually.

  2. great idea, so done. Try it out. Thanks for the comment.