Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Palette of Colors from Image %>% ggplot2 %>% rCharts + dimple.js

R should be mature and dying by now, but it is instead alive and vibrant. I experiment with some of the new developments below. It is probably best to copy/paste the intro below in case you do not see the iframe content.

The five purposes of this post/experiment are not really related, but I figured it would be an interesting challenge to combine them.

  1. Highlight the great blog MetaEvoPhyloEcoOmics from Russell Dinnage
  2. Explore the new world of color in R provided by Jo-Fai Chow through rPlotter
  3. Continue Experimenting with magrittr
  4. Examine ggplot_build as proposed by Carson Sievert in Visualizing ggplot2 internals with shiny and D3
  5. Test the use of alternate colors in rCharts and dimple.js

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