Monday, August 20, 2012

plot.xts with Moving Average Panel

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As another example of all that we can do with the new plot.xts, let’s try to do a price plot with a moving average overlays.  We will use the ETFs shown by Mebane Faber at  With the panel functionality, it is very easy to specify a panel to draw the price line and then add the calculated moving average.  Notice how in all the examples, the recession block appears easily and very nicely.

From TimelyPortfolio

Also, if you wanted to specify some funky layouts, we have that option.  For this case, I do not think it makes much sense, but in the future I will demonstrate some more appropriate uses.

From TimelyPortfolio

Or as one more example, let’s change it up just slightly.

From TimelyPortfolio

R code in GIST (do raw for copy/paste and also install xtsExtra from r-forge):

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