Monday, November 24, 2014

Secret to Making Things Appear in RStudio Viewer

I am by no means an authoritative source on this, but I think I found out the secret behind htmltools html_print that chooses the RStudio Viewer browser rather than your default browser like utils::browseURL. Here is a quick code snippet that hopefully explains what is happening. It appears you just need a temp directory with the pattern starting with viewhtml*.


# htmltools from RStudio very nicely
# makes things appear in the Viewer Window
"<h3>Hello in RStudio Viewer</h3>" %>>%
HTML %>>%

# there is a little secret to doing the same
# without htmltools
"<h3>Hello in RStudio Viewer</h3>" %>>%
HTML %>>%
# and the secret is to place in a temp directory
# with the pattern viewhtml
ht ~
tempfile("viewhtml") %>>%
(~ dir.create(.) ) %>>%
(~ save_html(ht, file = file.path(.,"index.html")) ) %>>%
( getOption("viewer")(file.path(.,"index.html")) )

# to see it in action look at the code change
# in this project
The only reason I mention it is that I much prefer to stay in the RStudio environment instead of switching contexts to a browser.  I still firmly recommend using tags from htmltools as the best method to make all this work seamlessly and as intended by the experts at RStudio. 

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