Thursday, September 19, 2013

Genetics to Finance - Amazed By Open Source d3 and r

Open source amazes me by the speed of distribution and the power of iteration.  Take for example the very  fine combination of R and d3 provided here at  The correlation matrix with scatterplot instantly struck me as a wonderful way to liven up Pretty Correlation Map of PIMCO Funds.  Since it is open and MIT licensed, within an hour I was able  to come up with this.


Please take it and make it even better.  Thanks so much to Karl Broman for this great work.

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  1. This is really cool stuff. With zero d3 experience, how would I replicate this with a new dataset? I took a look at Karl's code on github but am lost. Didn't find your adaptation. Taking it a step forward, if we wanted to have the scatter plot from dimple as the output on the right side such that it provided hover values, how would that work? Thanks.