Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rickshaw d3.js from R with rCharts

Shutterstock’s open source Rickshaw provides a very nice tutorial to get started building interactive time series d3.js charts with Rickshaw.  I just could not resist rebuilding the tutorial but this time ENTIRELY in R with the amazing packages slidify and rCharts.  I have embedded the tutorial below, but it will probably look much better if you go directly to the Github pages version.

The slidify and rCharts author Ramnath Vaidyanathan has done an incredible job and continues to perfect these fine tools.  They completely transformed my workflow and output by allowing both dynamic and interactive components that I can combine into a beautiful document.  Be sure to see him present to this NYHackr meetup  on June 17, 2013.


  1. I do not know how to private message you. Like you, I am interested in using R with web apps. I have been using Shiny but am struggling integrating with javascript libraries.

    I was wondering if you have tried Google's DART (http://www.dartlang.org/) or AngularJS.

  2. How does one use the arbitrary xaxis for Rickshaw in rCharts? (Rickshaw.Graph.Axis.X - add an x-axis and grid lines with arbitrary labels)