Thursday, May 2, 2013

Changing The Presidential Election with R in the Browser

After I finished with the tutorial post d3 <- R with rCharts and slidify and then saw R creates d3/javascript charts in Ipython Style Notebook, a light clicked.  I could finally answer the lingering question I have had ever since I saw the NYT 512 Path to the White House brilliantly created by Mike Bostock and Shan Carter with d3.

What would happen if different states had a different number of votes?

I never dreamed that I would be able to answer my own question by live R coding in the browser in an Ipython style notebook.  I felt like I needed a screencast to prove it.  Here is the short version.



Here is the extended version with director commentary (in type).




Thanks Ramnath Vaidyanathan, Yihui Xie, and Mike Bostock.

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  1. Something cool that works in Windows?? Amazing.

    hint: install devtools and then use that to install rCharts first.