Friday, March 22, 2013

Production Quality Report with R and knitr on Yen

Sometimes I actually use my experiments for real work.  For example, I wanted to send an update  on the Japanese Yen.  This was a great opportunity to use the chart created in Shading and Points with xtsExtra plot.xts.

I was fairly pleased with the finished product (click here if embed does not show).

R sweave file from GIST:


  1. great post, but was this reproduced on a mac? totally blows up in windows, doesn't seem to like the formatting/style.

  2. Ahh, it's something to do with the source sans pro font doesn't seem to like my machine.. can't even get sample to work right with that font.

    1. I had the same problem! I downloaded and installed the font on (MAC) But the result is not exactly the same as published above and I also have to compile it twice before it worked... There are still some problems in lines 96, 119 and 134. Hope I can fix it.