Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Apple Compared to Others with ggthemes

For a happy person delightfully concentrated in Apple, I wanted to show Apple’s performance versus Microsoft and Cisco in decades 1(1990-2000) and 2 (2000-2012).  I thought this would give me a good chance to try out the very interesting work being done at

From TimelyPortfolio

Just as a reference, my general goto chart is theEconomist set from latticeExtra.  Here is how it would look with that method.  I think it is still my favorite.

From TimelyPortfolio

For another chart since 2003 prepared by the far more capable at the Wall Street Journal, see Why Microsoft Beats Apple hat tip from Stock Picking Matters: Apple v Microsoft from The Big Picture by Global Macro Monitor with a hat tip from Jason Zweig.

My best guess in terms of the debate is some other company will resoundingly beat both Microsoft and Apple over the next decade.

R code in GIST:

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