Friday, June 8, 2012

knitr Performance Report 4

please see knitR Performance Report 3 (really with knitr) and dprint, knitr Performance Report–Attempt 3, knitr Performance Report-Attempt 2 and knitr Performance Report-Attempt 1

Here is another iteration of the ongoing performance reporting attempts using R, knitr, and latex.  In this version, I used the dev=”tikz” option (don’t like but show for an example) and work hard with lattice to get what I believe is a very nice overview page.  I’ll revert back to my second example and use the tufte-handout package for a little cleaner and more modern layout. These examples are intended to stimulate thought and comment. Please let me know what you think.

R code in GIST ( use the line knit2pdf(“pathtofile.rnw”) ) to create the pdf:

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