Thursday, October 20, 2011

Since My Last Trip to Disney

My family is off to DisneyWorld for a week, so there will not be any posts while I am there. However, I thought it would be interesting to see how Disney stock has done since my last trip September 2010.
Maybe since Disney has done so poorly, the crowds will be smaller. Of course I know better than that.
Maybe since the Japanese Yen has continued to do so well, there will be more Japanese at the parks.
It is interesting how well XLY (Consumer Discretionary) over the last 1 year. I guess US consumers really are special.
From TimelyPortfolio
R code:

tckrs <- c("spy","xly","dis","eem","fxy")


stocks <- merge(DIS[,4],SPY[,4],XLY[,4],EEM[,4],FXY[,4])
colnames(stocks) <- c("DIS","SPY","XLY","EEM","FXY")
stocks.roc <- ROC(stocks,n=1,type="discrete")
stocks.roc[1,] <- 0

    main="Since My Last Trip to Disney",cex.legend=1.2)

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