Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Slidify Did That… and That… and…

In my exuberance for rCharts, I have not expressed my equal love for its older sibling slidify.  I adopted slidify a little more slowly than other R bloggers

because I failed to realize that slidify does way more than just slideshows.  It acts as an almost universal presentation layer for R.   I am guessing that you have already seen some presentations created by slidify.  To make sure that slidify gets the credit in my work, I wanted to provide a list of examples that slidify created straight from R.  In these slidify gives me the power of Bootstrap, Minimal, and Bootplus.

All of these are github repos, so you can see the source and reproduce.

Slidify is easy and intuitive, and it makes HTML/CSS/javascript all accessible to the average R user.  It has become part of my workflow, and I now start with .Rmd more than than I start with .R.

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  1. Hello,

    Would it be possible you briefly explain your worklow for integrating R and slidify with BootPlus like in your timeseries example ?

    I would be very interested to be able to produce such nice html ouputs.