Thursday, December 11, 2014

Out of Nowhere–Explore Text on a Path

I had not really stopped to think of this until I listened to this The Web Ahead podcast with Sara Soueidan.  What is really interesting about the tech world is how experts can seemingly pop up out of nowhere and become the authority on a topic.  In the podcast, this was the case with the interviewee Sara Soueidan.  We can find a similar example in Joni "Bologna" Trythall with SVG.

I find it even more fun when I can incorporate these experts’ content into R.  Let’s animate some text on a path as Joni does in her article "Animating SVG text On A Path", but instead of an arbitrary path, let’s use a line in a plot.

some text on a path

I’ll copy the code below.  Let me know if a tutorial would be helpful.


# make as basic a line plot as I know how in R
svg = svgPlot(plot(sin(seq(0,pi*3,0.2)),type="l")) %>>%
# extract the XML and use htmlParse
# to overcome namespace confusion and difficulty
saveXML %>>% htmlParse

# with base R plots, we get clues with clip-path attributes
# in this case we know with some inspection
# there will be one g with a clip-path attribute
# and that g will contain our plotted line
getNodeSet(svg,"//g[contains(@clip-path,'url')]//path")[[1]] %>>%
# let's add an id so we can reference this later
( addAttributes( node=., id = "ourline" ) )

# first step in adding text to a path
# make a new text node
textOnPath = newXMLNode("text")
# now the critical part to join the text to the path
, newXMLNode(
,attrs=c( "xlink:href" = "#ourline" ) #our id given above
,"some text on a path" #some very creative saying

# add our text node to the svg plot
,kids = list(textOnPath)
# see if it works by sending to our viewer/browser
getNodeSet(svg,"//svg")[[1]] %>>%
saveXML %>>% HTML %>>% html_print

# let's continue our journey by exploring the startOffset attribute
# startOffset says where on the path to start our text
# what happens if we add startOffset = 30%
getNodeSet(svg, "//textPath")[[1]] %>>%
( addAttributes( node = . , startOffset = "30%" ) )
# find out the effect of startOffset by browsing
getNodeSet(svg,"//svg")[[1]] %>>%
saveXML %>>% HTML %>>% html_print

# for our grand finale we can animate the text
# note: this might not work in your browser, so use Chrome
# add a child animate node with the same attributes as Joni's tutorial
getNodeSet(svg, "//textPath")[[1]] %>>%
node = .
, newXMLNode(
,attrs = c(
,values = "0;0.7;1"
,dur = "8s"
,repeatCount = "indefinite"
,keyTimes = "0;0.2;1"
# see the animated text
getNodeSet(svg,"//svg")[[1]] %>>%
saveXML %>>% HTML %>>% html_print(viewer=utils::browseURL)

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