Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving | More Examples of XML + rvest with SVG

I did not intend for this little experiment to become a post, but I think the code builds nicely on the XML + rvest combination (also see yesterday’s post) for working with XML/HTML/SVG documents in R.

It all started when I was playing on my iPhone in the Sketchbook app and drew a really bad turkey.  Even though, the turkey was bad, I thought it would be fun to combine with vivus.js.  However, Sketchbook does not export SVG, so I exported as PDF and imported into Inkscape.  The end result was a still very messy SVG file, so I thought it would be a great test / application of my new skills with rvest + XML. The code opens the SVG, grabs all the path nodes, assembles those into a svg tag with id = "turkey", and then adds a script to use the addDependency for vivus.js.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the US readers out there.

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