Wednesday, November 6, 2013

EXIF with R | rCharts + catcorrjs + exiftool

I wanted to analyze the EXIF information in a whole group of photos from a recent trip to Disney World.  Of course I decided to use R and throw in some interactive charting with d3.js, rCharts, and and the new catcorrjs.  Integrating the amazing and open-source Perl exiftool was a fun bonus.  Click here or on the screenshot below for all the details.


On the trip I was baffled by some bad pictures.  I realized the reason was ISO 6400, which was unintentionally set by the ring on our s100 when handing the camera to strangers for group shots.

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  1. Nice use of catcorrjs! One thing that popped for me was the "Respondents" labels that are all hardcoded into catcorr for the time being. I just added an issue to the github page to address this. Feel free to follow along as we address it if you'd like: