Monday, March 18, 2013

One Pager Performance Report with knitr, R, and a Different Font

Although I suffer from complete ignorance of typography, with a little help from a post from Hyndsight and post from mages' blog, I wanted to try a different font on the one-pager performance report that we created in Onepager Now with knitR. I do not think Open Sans Light is the best choice for this report, but since it is the most popular font on Google I figured I could not be criticized too heavily by those more knowledgeable than me in typography.

options(tikzDefaultEngine = "xetex")


knit2pdf("onepager_text_graphics-knitr.rnw", compiler = "xelatex")

And the result (go to Box if the embed does not appear below):

R code from GIST:

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