Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Timely Portfolio

December 8, 2010, I sat down to write my first post on Timely Portfolio Reading->Writing

“I am determined to play not spectate. After 20 years of voracious reading, I have decided to write, and this blog represents my commitment. More than likely it will be a reflection of me, so a lot about my work/passion money management and markets but also hopefully some worthwhile thoughts and observations. I will be the writer and possibly the only reader ultimately but I know that I will benefit immensely from this project. Any benefit to others will be extremely gratifying and help resolve my debt to all the wonderful authors that have entertained and enlightened me over the years.”

After a couple of months, I was able to more specifically assess the benefit of my blogging in Why Talk My Book?

“…I blog to

1) record my thoughts with a timestamp and no benefit of hindsight

2) improve the thoroughness of my thoughts through the Hawthorne Effect. If I publish something for all the world to see, I am going to make absolute sure that my references are correct.

3) get feedback to improve my thoughts. Please criticize and bash what I write. The markets hurt my feelings all the time and do far more damage than your thoughts ever will. Please share them.

Markets have humbled me far too greatly to believe that I can or will move markets. Only the established trend of the market can attract enough attention to move the market meaningfully in my favor. Markets are not efficient, and I have no private information. I simply need to be an diligent, honest, and humble observer of the market, and I will do well.”

The year in blogging has been incredibly fun, challenging, and educational.  Thanks to all those who have joined me along the way, especially those that helped, commented, criticized, referred, and improved my blog.  I never planned for or even imagined anything close to the stats shown below.

From TimelyPortfolio

I love the interaction, so please let me know what you are thinking.


  1. Congratulations and Happy Birthday.
    Please keep on sharing your great thoughts and ideas!


  2. Kent, Congratulations! I really enjoy reading you blog.

  3. I don't know how you find the time to do this but I hope you know that it is appreciated. I've learned a lot R and quantative finance from this blog. Thanks very much.